Tools For Your Organization

Cuyahoga Voices & Vision Roadmap
Cuyahoga Arts & Culture completed a year-long community listening process to understand how we can best support the creative life of residents today and for years to come. Explore the findings and recommendations from local residents and expert consultants.

Learn more.

Raising Awareness About CAC: How Can I Help?
While CAC-funded programs are reaching thousands of County residents each year, a recent survey indicates only 31% have heard of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. We are pleased to offer tools and ideas for our cultural partners to raise awareness about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and to educate residents about the value of public funding for arts and culture. Learn more.

The Public Benefits and Value of Arts & Culture
Cuyahoga Arts & Culture commissioned Helicon Collaborative and reMaking Culture to better understand how its cultural partners generate value for the public, and how those benefits are distributed and perceived by residents of the county. Learn more and read the report.

Webinar: Bright Spots in the Cultural Sector
This webinar was co-hosted by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Helicon Collaborative. It provides an introduction to Helicon's Bright Spots Framework, a model highlighting critical success factors in arts and cultural organizations. View the webinar.

Webinar: Linking Money to Mission - Finance Essentials for Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Applicants
Finance Essentials for Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Grant Applicants: This webinar was co-hosted by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Nonprofit Finance Fund. It provides an overview of how to read financial statements; a preview of the Cultural data Project & Nonprofit Finance Fund's Financial Health Analysis tool and ideas on how to use financials to tell your organization's story. View the webinar.

Tools For Your Application and Reports

Support Materials Guide
Support Materials are images, audio files, video files, links and/or other supporting documents that help bring your organization's mission and programs to life. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's staff uses your Support Materials to help document eligibility and to evaluate reports. Support Materials are also essential to your application and play a critical role in helping panelists evaluate your organization or project. For more information, view the Support Materials Guide.

Video: Getting The Most Out Of Support Materials
This 20-minute video is designed to help you submit strong support materials with applications and reports by demonstrating how they can help tell your organization's story as well as reviewing characteristics of good support materials. Useful for working within Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Project Support and General Operating Support grant programs. View the video.

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