Raising Awareness About CAC:
How Can I Help?

Our goal is to raise awareness about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, and we need your help!

While CAC-funded programs are reaching thousands of County residents each year, a recent survey indicates
only 31% have heard of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.* We need your help to continue to educate residents in the arts and cultural community and beyond about the value of public funding for arts and culture.

No one knows your community better than you, and we're counting on you to help raise awareness among your visitors, audiences, program participants and attendees, as well as your staff, board, volunteers and other constituents.

It's more than simply including Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's logo on your materials. Let your constituents know what a difference funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture has made on your organization's ability to carry out its mission and offer the programs they value and enjoy.

Below are some high-impact ideas to help you get started. You're unique! What works for one organization may not work for yours. Do what most effectively tells your "CAC story" to your community.

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Use Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Toolkit For Raising Awareness

Audience members and participants may see or recognize Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's logo, but do they know what it means to your organization? Educate your audience members, program participants and other constituents about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and the impact funding has had on your organization. Consider: What would be the most effective ways to communicate this to every person that participates in the programs we offer?

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture is pleased to provide many free tools to help you spread the word. Request free tools via our Toolkit For Raising Awareness such as Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Info Cards, Reports to the Community, posters, banners, tote bags, pens, favicards and more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Distribute Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Info Cards along with your program books.
  • Include Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Info Cards in large mailings.
  • Share Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Report to the Community with your key constituents; use ideas from the Report to the Community Action Guide to help you share the Report and its messages.
View The Toolkit For Raising Awareness
Talk About How Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Funding Has Impacted Your Organization

Talking about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture can be one of the most effective ways to educate your community about public funding for arts and culture. While doing so, it's important to not just thank Cuyahoga Arts & Culture as a funder, but explain how public dollars from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture have helped you carry out your mission and serve your community.  

To develop talking points about how funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture has helped you carry out your mission:

Educate Your Staff, Board And Volunteers

Do your staff, board, volunteers and other groups know enough about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture to be able to effectively talk about the impact that funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture has had on your organization?    

  • Request a Cuyahoga Arts & Culture staff member to speak at your next all-staff, board or volunteer meeting by contacting your program manager.
  • Share Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Info Cards and Report to the Community with these groups.
Share Messages on Social Media and Digital Communications

Use one of our ready-to-share graphics in a newsletter or on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages with one of the messages below. 


At 140 characters or fewer, these messages are perfect for any social media platform or as a photo caption when including a graphic in your newsletter.

  • (organization name) puts local tax dollars to work with a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. Learn more: cacgrants.org. (URL link to www.cacgrants.org/about-us)
  • (organization name) is supported by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. Learn more about this important local funding source: cacgrants.org (URL link to www.cacgrants.org/about-us)
  • Our programs are supported by local tax dollars and the residents of Cuyahoga County. Learn more: cacgrants.org (URL link to www.cacgrants.org/about-us)
  • (organization name) has received  ($ amount of all grants) in local tax dollars to benefit our community. Learn more: cacgrants.org (URL link to www.cacgrants.org/about-us)

Download Social Graphics

Share Messages About Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Using Your Communications Tools

How do you communicate with your constituents? Include messages about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and public funding for arts and culture in your communications tools such as newsletters, emails, website and more.

  • Display Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's messages on electronic screens such as an LCD screen in your lobby or projected onto a screen before performances, shows or presentations. Download ready-made electronic slides with messages about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.
  • Contact your program manager about working together with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture to develop a newsletter article that can be customized for your organization.
Use Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's Logo And Ads

Include Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's logo and ads in all your electronic and print materials, including in e-newsletters and on websites. Make sure Cuyahoga Arts & Culture's logo links to our website, www.cacgrants.org.

Learn From Your Peers

Many organizations have generated great ideas to spread the word about how they have or plan to spread the word about Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. 

  • View examples of ways other CAC-funded organizations are spreading the word.
  • View ideas generated by CAC-funded organizations during CAC's recent community forum.
Learn How To Be An Arts Advocate

Community Partnership for Arts and Culture provides many resources for nonprofit organizations looking to engage in advocacy efforts.

  • Visit CPAC's website to learn about best practices in advocacy efforts and rules about what nonprofits can and cannot do as part of their advocacy work.

Questions?  We're happy to help. Contact us anytime for assistance:

Thank You!


*Source: TRIAD Research Group, "Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Awareness Survey." December, 2014.