Enriching our Community Through Grants that Strengthen our Region

By using local tax dollars to support arts and cultural organizations and projects in every corner of Cuyahoga County, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture enriches our community in meaningful ways:

  • CAC supports education and learning opportunities for students of all ages.  From field trips to museums to programs for students in schools to distance learning at senior centers, CAC funding helps to infuse Cuyahoga County with programs that offer education for everyone.
  • CAC enriches our quality of life. Each year, CAC funds tens of thousands of events and programs that take place in communities throughout Cuyahoga County, providing a wide array of activities for everyone to experience.  These offerings bring people together to celebrate the things that make Cuyahoga County a unique place to live.
  • CAC supports our local economy. CAC funding helps build stronger, more resilient arts and culture organizations that, in turn, make an impact on the local economy.  Visitors from around the county, region, around the country, and around the world, enjoy our world-class arts and culture.  And, companies based in Northeast Ohio cite Cuyahoga County's vibrant arts and culture offerings as key to attracting and retaining talented employees.
Cleveland Botanical Gardens