In the Spotlight - Euclid Wind Festival Celebrates Wind Energy, Creative Power of Wind

Shore Cultural Centre's "Euclid Wind Festival" marks its second year on June 22 with a celebration of wind energy and wind-centered creativity. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture spoke with the Shore Cultural Centre's director of development, Sarah Gyorki to get the details about this unique event.

How would you describe the Euclid Wind Festival to someone who has never been?

The Euclid Wind Festival is a unique celebration of one of the special features of Shore Cultural Centre’s lakefront location and highlights not only wind energy but also the historic and creative power of wind. We explore wind instruments, wind-themed arts and crafts, and entertaining aspects of wind; everything from origami sailboats to a bubble bug installation, prayer flags to a giant wind chime, bagpipes to kazoos.

In keeping with this important theme of wind energy, we also celebrate all facets of sustainability, from local foods to solar power. And we make it fun by adding all the best of a summer festival including great live music, food from local residents, a beer garden, games for kids, artist vendors and lots more.

Euclid Wind Festival

What is the history of this event? Why wind?

This festival was launched in 2012, in celebration of Euclid's prominence as home to the largest concentration of wind turbines in Northeast Ohio. Wind is an ever-present feature on the lakefront and has shaped our history and our geography. Now, it is also shaping our future through technology.

Euclid Mayor Bill Cervenik is a strong proponent of sustainable practices, stating, "Euclid has a history of embracing alternative energy and sustainability initiatives, including the solar array at Euclid Public Library and the progressive waterfront plan currently underway, which emphasizes responsible stewardship of our valuable lakefront." So, wind was a fun and natural theme for a great summer festival in our community.

Euclid Wind Festival

Who should attend the Euclid Wind Festival? What can they expect?

Everyone! The festival has fun activities for all ages and people can learn some very cool things along the way. Science buffs will love some of the cool energy presentations, kids will love the games and crafts, families will love a great day out in our beautiful park.

The festival will feature ten-foot pinwheels, a giant “bubble bug,” a turbine design station, a very special festival book project (where you make your own book to take home), the opportunity to help build a giant wind chime, really cool information about wind energy, a demo on painting your own rain barrel and prayer flags throughout the park.

How has funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture impacted the Euclid Wind Festival and Shore Cultural Centre?

Generous support from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture is a big part of why this festival is possible. All the artistic energy that goes into creating innovative installations that let visitors explore, performances featuring music and art that bring wind concepts to life, hands-on activities that engage festival-goers in their own exploration is what Cuyahoga Arts & Culture funding has meant for us.

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If You Go:

Euclid Wind Festival
Saturday, June 22, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Triangle Park, Shore Cultural Centre, 291 E. 222nd St, Euclid 44123
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