Cleveland’s new Public Square is full of possibilities – and this summer, you can bring creative and imaginative programming to this vibrant space. With funding from National Endowment for the Arts and Group Plan Commission and in partnership with LAND studio, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture will provide funding for artists and organizations to carry out projects at Public Square.


Our goal is to bring a diverse range of fresh and new programming to Public Square this summer. Projects can be recurring, and can span across all arts and cultural disciplines. Some ideas include:

  • festivals
  • star gazing on the square
  • teaching kids about animals
  • science experiments and demonstrations
  • musical, dance or theatrical performances
  • dance class for the public
  • creating a communal painting
  • storytelling
  • planting a mobile community garden


Interested artists and organizations should submit their project ideas below by Wednesday, March 29 at 4:30 pm. A committee of local residents will review submissions. 2/3 of your review will be based on your project’s ability to
“enliven the space” and the remaining 1/3 based on your “project’s feasibility.” We define these criteria as:

Enliven the space:

  • create a program that brings hundreds to Public Square
  • create fresh programming that inspires the community to engage creatively and/or differently
  • contribute to a lively and energetic Public Square

Project’s feasibility:

  • create a project that is realistic
  • demonstrate a clear plan to execute the project
  • engage qualified and diverse professionals for the project

Priority will be given to projects that allow for a broad range of disciplines. Based on these recommendations, CAC will select the top 5-15 projects and notify artists and organizations by April 14.



Artists/makers living in Cuyahoga County can submit project ideas. Artists can request up to $5,000.

An artist/maker is any individual practicing arts and culture. Our definition for arts and culture is based on the Ohio Revised Code. According to the Code, arts and culture includes, but is not limited to, performance, literature, visual arts, architecture, science, history and natural history.

Learn more about the opportunity for artists here.


Small to mid-sized organizations* receiving a General Operating Support or Project Support grant from CAC in 2017 can submit ideas (see the list). Organizations can request up to $20,000 for each project.

*For the purpose of this program, CAC defines small to mid-sized organizations as those with operating budgets up to $3 million.

Learn more about the opportunity for organizations here.