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About Us

The Region’s Largest Funder of Arts and Culture

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s story starts with community. More than 15 years ago, area residents voted for a dedicated tax to support our creative community. The results have been nothing less than extraordinary – CAC helps connect residents to millions of arts and culture experiences each year.

Since 2007:

  • $246 million granted
  • 4,000 grants made
  • 485 nonprofit organizations funded

Bob Perkoski, BorderLight Festival

By Residents, for Residents

CAC’s revenue source is a dedicated tax on cigarettes that was approved by Cuyahoga County voters in 2006 and renewed in 2015. The levy has allowed the agency to invest millions of dollars each year to support the work of hundreds of local arts nonprofits. The existing tax levy is set to expire in 2027.


Committed to Equity

In all areas of our work, CAC strives to promote racial equity, inclusion, and belonging. We lead with racial equity because we are aware that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequalities is embedded into government.

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Transparent and Accountable

CAC spends public funds in line with its values of stewardship and trust. CAC has consistently received the highest audit rating from the Ohio Auditor of State each year since its inception, and has been awarded the Auditor of State Award.

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Our Mission

To inspire and strengthen the community by investing in arts and culture

Our Vision

For all Cuyahoga County residents to experience a meaningful cultural life

Valley Art Center


We believe we can go farther together. We nurture the relationships that we have and actively seek out new partnerships that will enable us to better serve the entire population of the County.



We value continuous improvement and strive to bring a spirit of innovation and creativity to all of our work. Recognizing that stewardship of resources can require us to act boldly as well as thoughtfully, we actively seek out new opportunities in line with our values.


We recognize that our society is challenged to overcome a complex web of inequities, and we believe that CAC is responsible for operating with an awareness of legacies of privilege and power that have effects on opportunity, access and resources. This awareness informs all of our policies and practices, including grantmaking, hiring, and resident engagement.


We exist to support all of Cuyahoga County’s residents and strive to lead by listening and acting in partnership with our cultural partners and community residents.


We are accountable to all County residents for ensuring that resources – both human and financial – are managed prudently and to their best use now and for years to come.


We operate with integrity and strive to be worthy of the public’s trust. We operate transparently and openly, and we assume positive intent, actively seeking the best in each person and situation.