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Dayvon Nichols

Borderlight Festival

Dayvon Nichols

As grants manager, Dayvon oversees a portfolio of organizations that receive funding through CAC’s General Operating Support or Project Support grant programs. He works to build relationships with and provide technical assistance, guidance and support to grant recipients and applicants.

Dayvon is a returning Cleveland native and advocate for the arts. Previously, he served as the Grants and Community Engagement Coordinator for the Greater Columbus Arts Council. 

His previous experiences with grants management includes individual artist grant and fellowship award programming. He has increased accessibility, transparency and advocacy for artists through community impact initiatives, demographic data analysis, and daring to ask “why.” He is proficient in CRM technology and has a passion for integrating technological advancements to remove barriers, enhance efficiency and provide assistance for those who seek support. 

In his free time, Dayvon is also an artist at heart. His experience includes competing in show choir competitions, musical theatre, and performing with Hip-Hop street dance crews. He loves to sing, dance, and constantly experiment with different styles in fashion. Currently he is very interested in immersive art and can’t wait to see what emerges from this rapidly growing field.

Contact Dayvon at 216.306.0114 or