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Business Continuity Policy

LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland - Photo by Every Angle Photography and Pro Bono CLE


The purpose of this policy is to ensure Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s (CAC) ability to conduct normal business in the event of a disaster.


  1. CAC is committed to business continuity planning in all its activities.
  2. Staff and contractors who work at CAC are required to share this commitment by complying with all relevant policies and procedures.
  3. The Business Continuity Plan enables CAC to keep operating in the case of unanticipated incidents and thus reduce the immediate danger posed to staff, the public and our reputation. It therefore:
    1. provides, manages and supports activity that promotes effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning;
    2. requires key staff to undertake appropriate preparation to mitigate the impact of an incident on our assets, reputation, interests and activities;
    3. identifies the appropriate people, processes and equipment to manage our response to an incident;
    4. identifies the appropriate people and processes to implement an expeditious recovery from an incident;
    5. provides the necessary organization, expertise and resource, including communication and consultation, planning, monitoring, inspection and auditing procedures to ensure that there is effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning throughout CAC.
    6. promotes current best practice in relation to disaster recovery and business continuity.
  4. Business continuity plans will be reviewed and developed to ensure that CAC has in place the necessary structures and procedures to respond to an unanticipated incident, of any magnitude, and manage the subsequent recovery.
  5. This Policy will be reviewed and updated as appropriate no less than annually by CAC department heads.


director of administration: Business Continuity Plan