Arts & Culture in the Square: Garry Regan

Throughout his professional career, Garry Regan has been focused on bringing arts & culture experiences to the masses.

Today, Garry volunteers his time to plan outdoor programming for The Grove amphitheater in Mayfield Heights.

He also served as a member of the review panel for Arts & Culture in the Square. Garry said he wanted to get involved so he could learn more about organizations and individuals funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and possibly expose them to new audiences at The Grove.

“I think arts and culture experiences are what create and enhance the quality of life in a community. They enhance who you are,” he said. “It’s essential that we provide these services. We have to strive to do as many free and open performance as possible because people don’t always realize what they like. It’s important that we provide those opportunities to explore new types of arts and culture.”

Garry also said he and other panelists wanted to make sure new organizations and emerging artists received funding so they could share their art with more audiences.

“We had some high-quality organizations apply for funding, it was difficult to narrow it down, to bring high-quality performances to the Square and provide opportunities to people who wouldn’t normally have a shot at this type of funding,” he said. “We were lucky to find organizations and artists who were both new and high quality.”

For all CAC review panels since 2008, CAC has provided panelists a modest honorarium for lending their time and expertise to our process, and for helping us to facilitate an objective/transparent decision-making process. Specifically, for Arts & Culture in the Square, panelists are putting this modest honorarium to use in their communities. Garry says he will use the honorarium to bring additional programming to The Grove.