Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Receives Clean Audit for Fifth Consecutive Year

Ohio Auditor of State Finds No Deficiencies in CAC Financial Audit

CLEVELAND (June 11, 2012) – For the fifth year in a row, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC)’s annual financial review by the Ohio Auditor of State has resulted in a clean audit report (available on the Auditor of State’s website). For its fiscal year 2011, CAC was awarded the highest rating and the Auditor of State Award, which includes “no findings for recovery, significant deficiencies or comments in its management letter.” Each year since CAC was created by the voters of Cuyahoga County, it has achieved a clean audit report.
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“Cuyahoga Arts & Culture takes seriously its charge as the steward of public funds for arts and culture in Cuyahoga County,” said Executive Director Karen Gahl-Mills. “We are committed to ensuring that the dollars that we invest are used wisely and well, and we are pleased that the Auditor of State has recognized that commitment.”

As a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, CAC is a public agency that is required to undergo an annual audit, conducted by the Ohio Auditor of State. For nearly two weeks each year, a team of auditors makes a comprehensive review of CAC’s financial documents.

CAC is an independent unit of government that collects a dedicated tax on cigarettes sold in Cuyahoga County, to fund local arts and culture organizations. Since issuing its first round of grant funding in 2008, CAC has become the largest public funder of arts and culture in the State of Ohio and among the top local public funders in the nation. Since 2007, CAC has invested more than $80 million in 182 local arts and cultural organizations.

All CAC board meetings are open to the public, and members of the community are encouraged to attend and participate. For more information about CAC grant programs or upcoming meetings, visit or call 216-515-8303.