IRS Form 990: Helpful Video for Grant Applicants

Last month, CAC hosted an interactive webinar with Plante Moran on how to complete an IRS Form 990-EZ, which is required to apply for some of our grant programs. You can now watch the recording and access workshop materials online.

Our program team is aware that many of our current grant recipients only complete a 990-N; therefore, to ensure access to our grant programs we developed this webinar in partnership with Plante Moran

For example, to apply for our 2022 Cultural Heritage grant program, applicants will need to submit a 990 or 990 EZ as part of their eligibility check. For 2022 Project Support, applicants' 990 or 990 EZ will be used to determine their maximum grant request amount. 

In this video, the team from Plante Moran guides participants through the completion of a 990 EZ and provides participants with some helpful tips along the way, including how to report any emergency funds related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the recording of the webinar on our YouTube page and you can find all the materials from the webinar, including the presentation slides here.  

Thank you to Amy Ciminello and Ra’Teesha Scott from Plante Moran for creating and facilitating this webinar! Their contact information can be found below.

Amy Ciminello, CPA, MT or 614-222-9044

Ra’Teesha Scott, CPA or 216-274-6562