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Black Lives Matter - A Statement of Continued Commitment from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Photo Credit: Bob Perkowski

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture stands in solidarity with those fighting against racism. We condemn the racist acts of police brutality that continue to impact Black Americans in Cuyahoga County and across our country. Black Lives Matter.

As an organization, we are recommitting and re-expressing that Black Lives Matter amidst the insurrection and threat to democracy that took place on January 6, 2021. We also realize that statements without action are ultimately empty. We commit to look inward as we continue to reshape our grantmaking and organization to be anti-racist and more equitable.

We recognize that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequalities is embedded into government and grantmaking, and we pledge to confront the white supremacy that resides in our work. To arts organizations led by and serving people of color, and artists of color: we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you. We are here to learn, listen, and take direct action against white supremacy. We will continue to stand beside you and fight against all forms of systemic oppression.

We also understand the lands we occupy were stolen from the Indigenous people of this region. We are grateful to those who lived and worked on this land before us. We acknowledge those of the Shawnee, Miami, Erie, Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Haudenosaunee confederacy whose lands we stand on - and the thousands of Native Americans, who represent over 100 tribes, who currently live in Northeast Ohio today.

CAC remains committed to racial equity and supports efforts to declare racism a public health crisis in the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. In addition to being committed to racial equity, we at CAC are also committed to:

  • Sharing resources and opportunities to come together in conversation as a community. This includes:
  • Implementing organizational changes to disassemble systems promoting white dominance and power through our work, in part with our Internal Equity Team.
  • Increasing equitable opportunities for artists of color through our Support for Artists grant program.

We invite organizations and artists to take action and connect with resources to perpetuate racial equity in your organizations and communities.

We must work together actively to move toward racial justice.

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