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CAC Announces $14.8 Million in Grants to Local Arts Organizations: 133 Nonprofits to Share in Public Funding from Local Cigarette Tax

Photo Credit: Bob Perkowski

Cleveland (October 25, 2010) - At its regularly scheduled October board meeting, the trustees for Cuyahoga Arts & Culture announced its official list of grantees for the 2011 funding cycle. More than 130 new and returning organizations from all across Cuyahoga County will share in nearly $15 million over the coming year.

“More people need to be aware of the incredible impact that this public funding for the arts is having in this region,” said CAC Board President Steven Minter. “Every dollar of CAC funding is an investment in the economic development of our county, helping bring about ticket sales, event attendance, which leads to more restaurant and nightlife activity, which results in greater income and salaries, which goes back into our region’s tax base. It’s a great symbiotic process.”

The list of 2011 grantees includes recipients from both of CAC’s grant programs, General Operating Support and Project Support, which are open to arts- and culture-focused nonprofit organizations that are based in Cuyahoga County. “Many people are under the impression that CAC only funds big players like the Cleveland Orchestra or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” said CAC Executive Director Karen Gahl-Mills. “They don’t realize we also fund organizations of all sizes, from the Solon Center for the Arts to the Ukrainian Museum-Archives and the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory & Educational Foundation.

“We’re incredibly grateful to CAC and the residents of Cuyahoga County,” said Executive Director for the Art Therapy Studio Karen Petersen. “The grant funding we will receive will allow us to offer a special art program that is targeted at individuals with special needs from all around the region. Mentally or physically disabled people are often unable to participate in traditional art programs, because they are not designed to meet their needs, but this funding will make it possible for nearly 150 individuals to have a new and enriching experience that helps them feel included in our community.”

“The voters of this county approved the creation of CAC in 2006, and since then we have invested nearly $50 million in hundreds of arts and culture programs,” said Minter. “We’re the fifth largest public arts funder in the entire U.S., and that’s an achievement of which we can all be proud.”

CAC is a sub-division of the State of Ohio, which collects a dedicated tax on cigarettes sold in Cuyahoga County, to fund local arts and culture organizations. All regularly scheduled CAC Board meetings are open to the public. The time, location and agenda for meetings, as well as grant information and applications can be found at the CAC Web site. For additional information about this meeting or about CAC’s grant program, call 216.515.8303 or visit

EDITORS NOTE: Please find a list of grantees and awards attached to this news release.

Board Approved Grantees

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