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CAC Announces Commitment of More Than $27 Million in Grants to 196 Arts and Culture Organizations in Cuyahoga County

Photo Credit: Bob Perkowski

CLEVELAND (November 24, 2014) – Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) announces that it will invest $27,183,242 in grants to 196 arts and culture organizations in Cuyahoga County through its 2015-16 General Operating Support and 2015 Project Support grant programs. The grant award amounts (see links below) were approved by CAC’s Board of Trustees during its meeting and celebration event Monday afternoon at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

“Cuyahoga Arts & Culture is honored to support Cuyahoga County’s arts and cultural heritage on behalf of our county’s residents,” said Sari Feldman, president of CAC’s Board of Trustees. “This dedicated source of public funds for arts and culture strengthens the regional economy through strategic investment in a vibrant arts community.”

CAC made the grants through its two primary grant programs, 2015-16 General Operating Support and 2015 Project Support. CAC’s Board approved $25.4 million in funding for 58 organizations through its 2015-16 General Operating Support grant program, with $12.7 million approved for 2015. The General Operating Support grant program provides multi-year core support to arts and cultural institutions of all sizes.

The Board approved $1,783,242 in funding for 138 organizations through its 2015 Project Support grant program. The Project Support grant program promotes and encourages the breadth of arts and cultural programming in our community by supporting projects both large and small throughout Cuyahoga County.

“We congratulate the organizations that Cuyahoga Arts & Culture will fund in 2015, and we look forward to working with them in the coming months to benefit the community,” said Karen Gahl-Mills, CAC’s executive director. “The nearly 200 organizations CAC funds offer programs that support educational opportunities, boost our economy and improve quality of life in Cuyahoga County.”

In October 2014, CAC convened panels of independent arts and culture experts from outside Northeast Ohio to publicly evaluate and score each of the applications to the 2015-16 General Operating Support and 2015 Project Support grant programs.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s mission is to inspire and strengthen the community by investing in arts and culture. CAC was approved by Cuyahoga County voters in 2006, and since 2007, CAC has invested more than $125 million dollars in 286 local organizations presenting arts and cultural activities in Cuyahoga County. CAC’s vision for its first ten years of public funding for arts and culture is to help build stronger, more resilient organizations, create vibrant and energetic neighborhoods infused with culture, and establish Cuyahoga County as a hub of creative activity and a destination for artists. For more information about CAC, please visit

Please view the grant award amounts:

2015-16 General Operating Support Grant Awards

2015 Project Support I Grant Awards

2015 Project Support II Grant Awards

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