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Cuyahoga County Executive Submits Nominations for CAC Board of Trustees

Photo Credit: Bob Perkowski

Cleveland, OH – Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne submitted to County Council yesterday two nominations to the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) Board of Trustees. Pending County Council approval, Daniel Blakemore and Dr. Michele Scott Taylor will each serve three-year terms ending in March 2026.

View the news release.

About Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s Board of Trustees
CAC is authorized in the Ohio Revised Code, chapter 3381. It is governed by a board of trustees comprised of five members who, as a matter of historical practice, have been nominated by the County Executive and then appointed by County Council as required by statute.

ORC 3381.05 outlines the qualifications for the Board of Trustees as a set of persons who:

  • Have broad knowledge and experience in the arts or cultural heritage;
  • At least two members shall be persons who devote a major portion of their time to practicing, performing, or teaching any of the arts or who are professional administrators in any field of the arts or cultural heritage;
  • Shall be qualified electors in Cuyahoga County.

As outlined by Ohio Revised Code, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture exists to provide grants to nonprofit organizations in Cuyahoga County that meet the definition of arts or cultural heritage which includes, but is not limited to, literature, theater, music, dance, ballet, painting, sculpture, photography, motion pictures, architecture, archaeology, history, natural history, or the natural sciences.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) is a regional arts and cultural district and a political subdivision of the state. Established by voters in 2006, CAC is the largest arts and culture funder in the region. To date CAC has made over 3,000 grants, totaling over $230M in tax dollars, to more than 470 organizations serving County residents.

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